The title of Pop Princess is not handed to just anyone, but earned with hard work - work which Britney Spears certainly put in. Releasing smash-hit after hit, 'Oops!… I Did It Again', 'Gimme More' and 'Toxic' to name a few, Spears shook not only the music industry but the world. Her debut single ‘...Baby One More Time’ received global success and was hailed for its monumental impact on the pop landscape. There is no doubt that Spears is part of the blueprint of pop music, with six number-one albums and countless accolades to her name.

Unfortunately, this journey was not as glittery as what meets the eye; tragic events occurred in her life that have brought her on the healing journey she now embarks on. As a part of this process, Spears released her memoir ‘The Woman In Me’ on October 24th 2023 where she reveals how she was controlled by her family, previous relationships, abortion and more. In this heartfelt and touching memoir, she reveals the details of her behind-the-scenes life, including her love and passion for music which hugely helped her in her darkest hours. Despite all her success, the things she holds most dear to herself are her children. In ‘The Woman In Me’, Spears reveals how her previous relationships with Justin Timberlake and Kevin Federline shaped her. She expresses her fury for her ex-husband Federline (the father of her children) as he not only was almost absent when she was suffering from perinatal depression, and fought many custody battles against Spears, and asked for more child support. The ‘Circus’ singer tells us that Federnaline “took my world from me” as she was so heavily immersed in such ferocity and melancholia that he, and her father, took away her children from her. Significant and bitter events like this, and overexposure and harassment from the paparazzi led to Britney Spears’ meltdown.

2007; the year Britney Spears shaved her head and attacked a paparazzi car with an umbrella. For the superstar, the final straw was drawn and she went into a meltdown. You may think that she’s out of her mind or even a bit odd, but the reality is that she is not. She was forced into this. It is essential to remember that as a mother, losing her children was the greatest misery she could ever feel, and that was the desolation she was faced with. This meltdown led to the infamous conservatorship that began on February 1st 2008. This utterly inhumane conservatorship gave her father, James Spears and her lawyer, Andrew Wallet full control of her life. Spears reveals in her memoir that she became a robot as a result of the conservatorship as she says she was so “infantilised” that she began to forget what her true self was like. She tells us that it was horrible enough to hear negative comments about her not only from the press, but this being echoed from her father was awful for her. Spears claims that her father was the very last person she wanted to be in control of the conservatorship. Spears was locked up and lost her freedom as her father blackmailed and threatened her. Whilst in rehab, Spears learned of the #FreeBritney movement and she expresses how it meant a huge amount to her, more than people could know.

Another factor that led to a build-up of emotion was a previous relationship that she had with Justin Timberlake. Spears and Timberlake seemed like a fairytale couple - however, this was not the case. Timberlake had committed infidelity multiple times during his relationship with Spears, nevertheless, she had let this slide because she felt so deeply and truly in love. Spears opens up about cheating on her then-partner in her memoir, and as a result of this, he ends their three-year relationship over a two-word text message! Britney was aching with immense hurt and pain because of the break-up but for all that, she felt most aggrieved by what Timberlake had said about her post-breakup. He painted Britney Spears out to be a cheater and a liar. The media, the public and the fans turned against Spears and instead supported Timberlake’s (then) new album as to them, she was just a cheat who didn't deserve anyone’s support, but she did then and still does now. The ‘Gimme More’ singer also discloses an abortion that took place during her relationship with Timberlake. She reveals that Justin wasn’t too happy about the pregnancy and encouraged her to get an abortion. If it was up to her, she tells us that she would have “never” done it and she describes the pain as one of the “most agonising” things she has ever experienced. The abortion was excruciating and heart-wrenching for her.

However, it is now 2023 and Britney Spears, one of the most influential pop acts of all time remains as strong as ever. Britney is now free from her forced conservatorship and is working through the trauma she endured. Her name will always be instantly recognised, with her music not only helping herself but also us. ‘The Woman In Me’ tells us what has happened to Spears in her life, and how they have moulded her into the defiant woman she is today.