Dr Challoner’s Grammar School is located within the heart of Amersham. It has a wide range of facilities, rooms that are available to hire for sports, business, hobbies and education, for regular bookings, special events and purposes valued by the community. Please note that we can only take bookings from registered clubs or organisations.

For more information, click each facility's name.




1AstroturfMarked for football and hockey, full pitch or half pitch available (pitch also has quarter pitches marked out). Available 6:00-9:30pm week nights during term time only. Weekends 9am-4pm during term time only.Full pitch £98 + VAT* Half pitch £65 + VAT*
2Sports HallVarious court markings (hockey, football, netball, badminton and basketball). 4 cricket nets available.£60/hour + VAT*
3Upper Sports HallIdeal for dance, drama or exercise groups.£30/hour + VAT*
4Main HallIdeal for lectures, quiz nights, dances, drama, plays and much more, training (no ball games).£75/hour
5StudioIdeal for smaller lectures, dance, drama and exercise groups.£65/hour
6Loarridge Centre (L1/L2)Ideal for lectures/talks, exercise/dance classes.£60/hour
7Loarridge Centre (L3)Small meeting room for around 12 people.£35/hour
8BoardroomSmall meeting room for up to 18 people with presentation equipment.£35/hour
9ClassroomsLarger meeting or classes (revision/lessons), seating up to 32 per room with presentation equipment.Each room £30/hour

If you are a voluntary organisation, the school may be able to offer you a discounted rate, please contact lettings@challoners.org with evidence that you are a voluntary group and you will be contacted to discuss this further.


Please note, VAT is automatically added to the cost of the hire for the sports facilities only, unless there are 10 or more bookings that run consecutively with no more than 1 week gap. This is due to Government financial regulations. Unfortunately, this means that we must apply VAT to all bookings in the Autumn Term, because we cannot accept bookings in the holidays and our two-week half-term break means these cannot be considered a consecutive 10 weeks. However, VAT can be waived for a series of bookings of 10 or more consecutive weeks in the Spring and Summer terms, because the half-term break is only one week, which is compliant with the regulations.


We request that anyone hiring the facilities can provide evidence that they have public liability insurance to the value of at least £5 million. If you do not have this in place, the school can carry out an additional risk assessment and may be able to provide insurance cover for you at an additional cost of 10% of the total hire cost.


If alcohol is going to be brought on to the premises as part of your event*, this must be indicated on the booking form.

*Please note that the premises only has a small allocated number of these licences so permission from the school to proceed will need to be obtained before you apply for the licence. If you obtain one before permission is giving we will not be liable for any monies you have already paid out for this if your event can not proceed.

The licence (TEN) can be obtained from the local council. A copy of this will need to be provided to the Property & Services Manager 6 weeks before your event takes place.

Terms and Conditions

Click here to view our T&Cs. Please email lettings@challoners.org with any questions, including availability of our facilities.