The UK Sailing Academy (UKSA) is an internationally renowned maritime training provider based in Cowes on the Isle of Wight, offering a range of activities from teambuilding exercises through to full sailing courses. DCGS has partnered with UKSA for several years now, and leads trips to the Isle of Wight three times a year.

Year 7 Teambuilding Week

In their first term at Challoner's, all of Year 7 spend three days at UKSA engaging in a number of activities, with the aim of helping the students get to know each other. Between raft building, kayaking, sea survival training, yachting and a number of other events, this visit is lauded by the Year 7s as a highlight of their first year.

This is OUR raft
Kayaking into the distance
All hands on deck

Summer Sailing

Setting off at the very end of the school year, this visit is an excellent way to begin the summer holiday. Under cloudless skies, students spend the week developing dinghy sailing skills at every level: absolute beginners manage single- and double-handers alongside experienced students working towards their own intructor qualifications.

Making the most of the weather, activities continue well into the evening, with beach games, crabbing, time in the swimming pool and a visit to the Needles. Students and staff return to the mainland tanned, tired but thoroughly relaxed!