Robot Wars in Southampton

6th - 7th April 2019: On a cold Saturday morning, a small group of eager Year 11 students representing the DCGS Robotics Team...

A Night of Rock and Roll

1st April 2019

Showcasing the EPQ

28th March 2019

Challoner's Tops the German League

27th March 2019

Vulkan's Heartbreaking Holocaust Talk

26th March 2019

An Adventure of Words

25th March 2019

Going for DofE Gold

22nd - 24th March 2019

Four Nights of Madness at Our House

20th - 23rd March 2019

Sustaining Excitement For The Crystal

22nd March 2019

A Reinvention of Shakespeare

20th March 2019

A HABSMUN Success Story

14th March 2019

Close-Fought Battle in University Challenge

14th March 2019