Marcus Alexander Visits Year 8

9th March: On Monday of this week, Year 8 received a visit from the action, fantasy writer, Marcus Alexander, author...

Lest We Forget

19th March

Skiing in Saalbach

15th - 22nd February 2020

Challoner's Speaks


Brie, Bread and Bossa Nova: DCGS Cabaret

28th February 2020

Young Carers at DCGS

28th February 2020

ARTiculation 2020 at The Lightbox

12th February 2020

The Student Welfare Ambassadors

February 2020

Greenfingers Charity Fundraiser

February 2020

Female Influencers and Formidable Achievements

14th February 2020

Saving Lives with Anthony Nolan

7th February 2020

Combating Climate Change

3rd February 2020