Dr Challoner's Grammar School partners with Full Power Utilities

With energy prices continuing to rise, Dr Challoner’s Grammar School has selected Full Power Utilities as its commercial utilities partner.

The school’s partnership initiative creates incoming for the school and allows parents and school associates to access the most competitive rates for commercial gas, electricity and water suppliers….and to protect themselves against continuing price rises.

With a successful track record over more than 23 years, Full Power Utilities has access to every supplier in the market. Prices can be secured up to a year in advance of your current contract expiry and locked in for up to five years, protecting against future price increases.

All businesses will soon be required to provide evidence of how they are reducing carbon emissions. Full Power Utilities can help your business to understand what Net Zero means and how to record, monitor and reduce your carbon emissions.

Simplify the management of your utilities supplies, manage your coste effectively and spend more of your time driving business forward. To obtain a free, no-obligation quite, which could save you time and money, follow these simple steps.

Step 1:

Visit the webpage and enter some basic information https://www.fullpowerutilities.com/dcgs

Step 2:

Receive a call from your dedicated energy consultant

Step 3:

Provide a copy of a recent bill to enable a like for like quote

Step 4:

Receive quotes from your energy consultant with recommendations

Step 5:

Make your decision