At Dr Challoner’s Grammar School we aim to use this funding to narrow the disadvantage gap by addressing inequalities and raising the attainment of those pupils in low-income families. The Student Development Office offers a range of services including those that provide support for students with relatively low prior attainment to help ‘close the gap’. It also provides specific staff time to help monitor progress and attainment, to help ensure students have every opportunity to access to the wider school curriculum and to support transition planning as the students consider GCSE, A Level and careers options.

In addition to this general support, we develop, for those pupils who attract the premium, an individual funding support package tailored to their needs.

This plan is developed with the active involvement of parents who are asked annually to help the school identify any specific needs that this funding could help directly support so as to make the biggest impact for their son in one of the following areas:

  • have full access to our curriculum
  • access our extra-curricular provision
  • improve their levels of attainment and progress

This funding has been used in the provision of essential school equipment, to provide one-on-one revision sessions and music tuition, and to enable pupils to attend enriching educational visits.The fund has been set up so that it is possible that all the funding is spent directly on individual plans. At this time the funding of the Students Development Office staffing time is financed by the school’s general reserves. This provides us with the most flexibility to meet the needs of our most disadvantaged students.

In 2016-17 the total funding for Pupil Premium amounted to £24610. The impact of this funding will be measured by: ensuring that students from all backgrounds have equal opportunities, ensuring that funded students make similar progress to students overall.

This strategy to be reviewed during 2017-18.