Most students have enjoyed the weird limbo of problem solving polynomials whilst in their pyjamas, or drawing diagrams of cells whilst eating lunch. The school year always ends in May for Year 11s so we had an even longer summer break. Despite this break providing many a new opportunity, it has certainly made returning to school very, very surreal.

For one, I think most of us have been perpetually exhausted (perhaps less so now that we are a few weeks into the autumn term) but certainly the majority of us reached peak unproductivity in the first few weeks. I assume this is the sudden return to the school format, and the everyday socialising and work that school entails, and not an iron deficiency - but either way it has been difficult for everybody to return to the regimented schedule of school life.

A fun game of Monopoly! (Courtesy of Pixabay)

In other ways, returning to school has been wonderful: regular communication with people our age (or an excuse to avoid a family’s game night of Monopoly) and learning for many is incredibly easier due to the face to face interaction and contributional aspect of learning together in the classroom.

The transition from pyjamas to uniform has been difficult. However, I have no doubt that once we get back into the swing of things, school will feel as normal as it ever has been.