Although the acclaimed author, Andy Briggs, wasn’t able to come into school, he kindly recorded a bespoke and insightful video for our Year 8 pupils which stirred excitement and intrigue. Andy covered some wonderful ideas about writing a thrilling and compelling book. He talked with passion about how he rebooted the iconic Tarzan putting the books, films and TV shows together to create a whole new package where Tarzan, the character, is ‘more feral, a real creature of the jungle, a boy who is raised by wild gorillas.’ Andy discussed the idea of taking inspiration from a book he had already written to continue the series. He talked about how he attempted to change stories dramatically so that the reader would be drawn in by a new twist. I really enjoyed listening to Andy talk with such experience and enthusiasm about being a professional writer. Hopefully, this will inspire many DCGS students to follow in his footsteps.