The sum of six months of blood, sweat and tears in the form of memorising lines, setting scenes, rehearsing music, organising tech and so much more resulted in the production of the first Dr Challoner’s Musical in two years - 42nd Street.

Boys and girls from both schools sang and danced their hearts out, with the energy from the rehearsals not dropping for a single moment in the final performances. The American musical fascinated us all with its amazing musical numbers, unique characters and extravagant set designs. Of course, the stunning costumes impressed us the most - I’m sure there wasn’t a single one of us disappointed with what we wore on that stage!

All four performances were received extremely well, with Mr Roe even saying a few touching words on opening night - COVID disruptions had prevented a 2021 Dr Challoner’s Musical, so it was incredibly satisfying to successfully see 42nd Street through to the end. It was an incredible chance to be able to be involved in such an amazing production and I’m sure we’ve all made many lasting memories along the journey.

A huge thank you to the DCHS Drama Department for organising this production and giving us the opportunity to star in 42nd Street!