On Thursday 7th of July, students of graphic design in Year 9, 10 and 12 had the wonderful opportunity to attend one of the most prestigious events on the calendar for a designer. This was the New Designer Conference located in colourful Islington.

This is an event to showcase "The Future of Design" which is the culmination of many hours of challenging work. The work belongs to students who attend universities all over the country. The course that they study is not limited to graphic design (though it must be related to design), giving this event a wide breadth of outcomes for onlookers to ogle at. We saw everything from revolutionary kettles, drones and innovative door handles to boats. There were extensive and very inspiring projects on display such as books for dyslexic people, rebranding projects, game design, packaging and many examples of projects that had themes such as the environment and inclusion. The students were kind and enthusiastic, explaining to the visitors their design processes (which is often very expensive as I found out).

All in all, we had a great time at the centre and we are all looking forward to the next time go there. I would like to thank the members of staff who made this trip possible and the wonderful students for showing us their fantastic work. We were all inspired!