Last week we held a charity day in support of the Chiltern MS centre, a charity which helps support people suffering from Multiple Sclerosis and other conditions. This local charity has been growing massively in the past year and our March 2022 contribution of £2650 has been a substantial element in this growth. The centre has increased its breadth and now offers not only support to people living with Multiple Sclerosis, but also Parkinson’s and stroke survivors.

On our charity day, students raised money to support the cause. Apart from our classmates' unique dress sense, students were focusing on the overarching importance of the Chiltern MS Centre. Multiple Sclerosis can have a devastating impact on patients and their families, affecting their working and social life. However, local charities like the centre work not only to increase the quality of life of patients but also to build a community in which patients and their families can communicate and relate to each other, sharing ideas and anecdotes about the impact of MS on their lives. The centre has also been developing their ‘package of care’ which includes specialised physiotherapy as an important component in the form of one-to-one sessions, group sessions, pilates, hydrotherapy and exercise classes.

Physiotherapy is crucial for enabling people with MS, Parkinson’s and stroke survivors to stay mobile for longer and to reduce the risk of falls, which often lead to further mobility issues and a loss of confidence with balance and walking. By addressing these core issues, the centre helps people to thrive by maintaining their dignity and enabling them to continue to care for themselves, ultimately permitting them to remain active.

Another important aspect of the centre is their café where everyone is welcomed without the fear of judgement. Not only is it the treatments that have a positive impact but facilities like the café add a social dimension to the package. With this, the Chiltern MS centre is building itself a community of strong-minded individuals who all benefit from the effort Dr Challoner’s has put in to raise awareness of such small, local yet crucial charities.